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TempArmour Power (formerly Backup-Power.ca) carries automatic battery backup power and portable power products that are designed to keep critical equipment operating at all times.  

Whether you are preparing for power outages or there is a need for power in a remote location, TempArmour Power can help you find the solution. Many of our systems can incorporate solar for ongoing, long term backup power and remote power solutions.

Medical / Laboratory / Research
Backup power solutions for medical, laboratory and research facilities.

Sump Pumps - Backup Power
Backup power to ensure that your sump pump keeps operating through the next power outage.

Battery backup power systems for sump pumps

TempArmour Power has been providing backup power solutions for years.
Contact us anytime for assistance at info@backup-power.ca  or 1 866 485-4199.

Note: All prices are in US dollars
Canadian orders are processed in CAN dollars (list price + 20% exchange fee unless otherwise stated).

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