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TempArmour Power has been providing quality solar and backup power solutions for homes and businesses across North America for years. Whether you require portable power for field work/travel, backup power for your home or office, or a unique backup power solution for your industry, we will work with you to determine the ideal system to meet your requirements. Based on years of experience, we also understand that sometimes there are better alternatives than backup power; Case in point is our TempArmour Refrigerator.

TempArmour Power (formerly Backup-Power.ca) is a division of Griffin Chapman Environmental Inc., incorporated in 2001.
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Telephone: (905) 664-4200
Toll Free: 1-866-485-4199
Fax: (905) 257-0119

Orders can be placed online, by telephone or fax. Note:  We ship directly from our warehouses and do not have a retail location or product showroom at our office.

Our Corporate Office and Canadian warehouse is located at:
530 Seaman Street, Unit 6
Stoney Creek, Ontario
Canada     L8E 3X7

Our U.S. warehouse is located at:
2299 Kenmore Avenue
Buffalo, NY

Note: cheques must be mailed to the Canadian Corporate office.

TempArmour Power has been providing backup power solutions for years.
Contact us anytime for assistance at info@backup-power.ca  or 1 866 485-4199.

Note: All prices are in US dollars
Canadian orders are processed in CAN dollars (list price + 20% exchange fee unless otherwise stated).

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