Eclipse Solar Gear
General Use Guidelines & FAQs

Important Notes
Do not attempt to recharge Non-Rechargeable batteries.

General Instructions
Place the solar panel in a location to get the maximum amount of sunshine for best charging results.
- Do not expect your battery to fully charge under normal indoor lighting.
- Always check your electronics specifications before using the solar panel.
- Always use the 12V auto adapter (cigarette lighter adapter) specified for your particular electronic device.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to charge my device?
The charging time depends on the amount of sun and the type of battery being charged.  Estimated charging times for some common electronic devices are shown below.

Cell Phone (4-6 hours)
Digital Camera (4-6 hours)
GPS Unit (4-6 hours)
iPod/MP3 Player (7-9 hours)
PDA (7-9 hours)

Can the solar panel drain my battery at night?
No. The solar module has a built in blocking diode to prevent a battery drain. Even with the diode, it is not recommended to leave your electronic device plugged in at night.
Note: Some 12V auto adapters have status LEDs that could drain the battery at night.

Can the Solar Gear be left outdoors without protective covering?
Yes. The backpack is made of durable 1650 denier nylon. The solar panel is coated with a urethane coating, but is not recommended to leave out in wet weather.
Note:  Do not submerse in water.

Can I charge more than one electronic device at a time?
Yes. Some product models provide multiple 12V sockets for charging multiple electronic devices at the same time.
Note: The more devices that are plugged in, the longer the charging time.

What will the solar panel charge?
The Eclipse Solar Gear bags will charge a variety of electronic devices that can use a 12V cigarette lighter adapter to charge the battery.  The common of electronic devices include a cell phone, iPod, PDA, GPS, digital camera, AA batteries, etc...

How do I know the device is charging?
Most cigarette lighter adapters have a status LED and most electronic devices (such as a cell phone) has a charge indicator.  If the LED is on and/or the charge indicator is on, then the solar panel is working.

Will the solar panel run out of power?
The solar panel supplies elecricity from the sun to the battery that already exists in your device.  It does not store energy as would a battery.  You can also charge AAA and AA batteries with a suitable battery charger.

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