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PowerMod 300 Single Pole

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Price: $5,635.00
Prod. Code: PowerMod 300-pole

300W (12V & 24V Optional) Flexible PV Solar Tent

The PowerMod combines active PV solar power generation and passive environmental design with commercial tenting in a practical example of dual-purpose function and form. The FTL Solar Fly reduces direct solar gain on the roof of the Liner Tent, while making electricity from sunlight. This improves thermal comfort inside the tented space, while reducing reliance on gasoline fueled generators. The Liner Tent is wind and rain proof with Sidewalls on and can be fully temperature conditioned.

• PDA/Smartphones
• iPods • Laptops(e.g. four laptops can be powered for over 5 hours each day)
• Lights
• Water purifiers

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