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9.2 Watt Rollable Solar Charger

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PowerFilm® solar panels are the only solar panels that can be rolled up and stored compactly in a storage tube and easily used when needed by connecting to your XPower Powerpack or other batteries and electronics. They are the perfect backup power source!

The design incorporates rugged corner grommets for when you need to tie the panels down (e.g., to boat decks, backpacks, tents, etc.)

PowerFilm® 600:
600mA @15.4v
27.7 x 13.4" (70.4 x 34cm)
1.0 lbs (0.45 kg)

The 15.4V output of the 1200mA output panel results in a power rating of 9.2 Watts. A reverse current blocking diode is built-in to each panel.

Each PowerFilm®  solar panel is shipped with a 15 foot extension cable with O-Ring battery terminal connectors. Additional accessories are also available.

PowerFilm®  solar panel comes with a 3 year manufacturers warranty.

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