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Ecotricity ECO1800S Solar Generator - discontinued

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Price: $1,595.00
Availability: discontinued
Prod. Code: ECO1800S

The Ecotricity ECO 1800S is an ideal backup power unit for every home and office to ensure that your priority electrical devices keep operating through power outages. Solar power and/or AC power can be used to charge the Ecotricity ECO 1800S. It is also a convenient portable source of power that can easily fit into the trunk of a car to take with you.

The Ecotricity ECO1800S features an 1800W inverter with five 120V outlets and a 50-foot cord that is ideal for generating environmentally friendly home backup power, emergency power and remote power for both indoor and outdoor use.  The unit can be used as an automatic backup power unit in the same way as the XPower PowerSource 1800, however it can also be charged by solar power which is especially useful during extended power outages.

The Ecotricity ECO1800S can be charged with the high efficiency solar panel provided or through a standard AC outlet. The unit is recharged without the noise or harmful emissions typically associated with portable gas-powered generators and is a true "plug-and-play" product ready to use right out of the box with no installation required.

The ECO1800S includes a cart that allows the foldable solar panel to be easily transported and positioned for optimal exposure to solar rays. The new generator can be fully charged in 12 "sun hours" from its solar panel.  The Ecotricity ECO 1800S generator can be charged during the day and used to power items such as lights or a laptop in the evening through its 1800W of continuous AC power. When it comes to home backup and emergency power, the ECO1800 can supply power to refrigerators, TVs, radios and mobile phone chargers during a power outage, as well as emergency power for lights, garage doors and sump pumps to help mitigate the impact of storms.

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