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Automatic Backup Power Units > XPower PowerSource 1800 - discontinued
XPower PowerSource 1800 - discontinued

The product you selected is currently unavailable.

Price: $599.00
Availability: discontinued
Prod. Code: X 852-1802

No longer available - Discontinued by Manufacturer Schneider Electric
Please see the PowerHub 1800 System (the next model up by the same manufacturer) or contact us for assistance.

Note: The XPower PowerSource 1800 system was branded as Duracell PowerSource 1800 in 2009 and 2010, and was also carried by Canadian Tire a couple of years ago as the Noma PowerSource 1800. Any Powersource 1800s still for sale may be older product and the batteries within them may no longer be effective. The manufacture date of these products are available on the box of the PowerSource 1800 products.


The XPower PowerSource 1800 is the perfect backup power solution for essential home appliances, sump pumps, aquariums, emergency power electronics and full size office equipment during a power outage. The XPower PowerSource 1800 will supply up to ten hours of uninterrupted backup power for a small office with a laptop computer.


Until now, backup power products on the market have only been able to provide limited backup power for outages, and not extended runtime like the XPower PowerSource 1800. The PowerSource 1800 switches to backup power automatically when a power outage occurs. This happens seamlessly so that the electronic devices, sump pump or home appliances that are hooked up to it won’t sense the power outage. They’ll run off the XPower PowerSource 1800’s charged battery for hours. When grid power returns, the XPower PowerSource 1800 switches the devices back to utility power, recharges its internal battery and enters a stand-by mode until the next outage occurs.


Click Here to view the spec sheet for the XPower PowerSource 1800.
Click Here to view the Owner's Guide for the XPower PowerSource 1800 (includes estimates of runtimes for specific items).

XPower PowerSource 1800 applications include:

Home Backup Power: Will run fridge, freezer, sump pump and 1000W microwave, fish tank light and air pump, home alarm systems, garage doors, CEPAP/BiPap equipment for sleep apnea, stair lifts

Office Backup Power: Will run laptop, desktop and 20” LCD or CRT monitor, 40W office lamp, inkjet printer, 4-in-1copier/printer/fax/scanner, internet modem, VoIP phone, mobile phone and cordless phone

Emergency Power: Will run essential electronics such as 20” TV, radio, living room fan, mobile and cordless phone, and a 40W emergency light 
Industrial/Business Backup Power: Will run freezers/fridges for laboratories/medical offices; small pumps and electronics

Product Features

  • 1800 watt inverter with five 115V AC power outlets for operating multiple devices simultaneously
  • Built-in transfer relay provides reliable backup power capability
  • Bright LED light turns on automatically when power outage occurs to provide illumination over the AC outlets
  • Digital LED display indicates battery capacity status and total wattage of the devices connected to the PowerSource
  • Audible alarm signals 10 minutes before the PowerSource runs out of battery power
  • Integrated handles for easy transportation
  • Overload and over-temperature protection to ensure longer PowerSource life
  • Recharges from home AC wall outlet

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