Automatic Backup Power Units

XW Backup Power System
The products listed below are simple, "plug & play" backup power units. The XW Backup Power System is a larger hardwired backup power system that is also available. Please contact us for further details.

PowerHub 1800-100 system (includes one 100 amp hour battery)

Orig.: $1,300.00
Sale: $1,100.00

PowerHub 1800-200 system (includes two 100 amp hour batteries)

Orig.: $1,600.00
Sale: $1,400.00

PowerHub 1800-400 system (includes four 100 amp hour batteries)

Orig.: $2,600.00
Sale: $2,300.00

PowerHub 1800 System with solar (two batteries and two solar panels)

Orig.: $3,600.00
Sale: $2,900.00

PowerHub 1800 System with solar (four batteries and four solar panels)

Orig.: $5,200.00
Sale: $4,600.00

Xantrex Powerhub 1800 (without batteries)

When used for backup power, the Powerhub 1800 can be plugged into an AC outlet or hardwired and will provide an extended runtime depending on the number of batteries that you wish to use in your system. The Powerhub 1800 can also be recharged from a generator, solar panels and/or a wind turbine making this a very versatile backup power option as well as an effective off-grid power solution.


PowerHub 1800 - extra battery box


XPower PowerSource 1800 - discontinued

No longer available - Discontinued by Manufacturer Schneider Electric
Please see the PowerHub 1800 System above (the next model up by the same manufacturer) or contact us for assistance.

Note: The XPower PowerSource 1800 system was branded as Duracell PowerSource 1800 in 2009 and 2010, and was also carried by Canadian Tire a couple of years ago as the Noma PowerSource 1800. Any PowerSource 1800s still for sale may be older product and the batteries within them may no longer be effective. The manufacture date of these products are available on the box of the PowerSource 1800 products.

Orig.: $599.00
Sale: $499.00

Ecotricity ECO1800S Solar Generator - discontinued


BFRV84 Ultra Efficient Vaccine Refrigerator

$3,299.00 has been providing backup power solutions for years.
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