Portable Solar Tents and Shelters

Powerfilm PowerShade Solar Field Shelters power critical equipment in even the most remote locations.

PowerFilm's PowerShade™ Solar Field Shelters produce an unparalleled lightweight, flexible, and durable solution for remote power. Solar field shelters reduce dependence on fuel-fired generators that are noisy and require a constant supply of costly fuel.

Powerfilm PowerShade 2 kW Solar Field Shelter

Features of the Solar Field Shelter include:

  • Available in 1 kilowatt and 2 kilowatt sizes at 15.4 V or 30.8 V.
  • Used for a variety of purposes, ranging from lighting, ventilation, powering field communication radios and GPS systems, and recharging satellite phones and laptop computers.
  • 2 kilowatt PowerShade deploys in 5 man hours.

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