Solar Power for Laptops
Portable Solar Power Options for Laptops, Satellite Phones, Camera Batteries, Cel Phones, etc.

Whether you only want to use your laptop for 10 minutes to download your photos or you need to work on your laptop for several hours each day, we can recommend the right solar power solution for you.

Many of our customers look to use solar out of necessity when there is no power available, such as while on vacation or working in a remote location. Others are beginning to look at solar charging because they like that it is an environmentally friendly alternative for charging small electronics.

Using Solar Power to power a laptop
We recommend that an auxiliary battery/powerpack be used in conjunction with a portable, lightweight solar panel to power a laptop or other electronics. There are a few reasons that the powerpack is used with the solar panel:

1/ Running a laptop directly off of a solar charger (portable solar panel) can be problematic for a variety of reasons, including the fact that laptops typically require significantly more power (60-90 watts ) when they go into charge mode. This is a higher power requirement than most portable solar panels can provide.

2/ The powerpack will allow you to have an energy source available at night, on cloudy days, and other times that the solar panel isn't out in the sun.

3/ The powerpack will protect sensitive electronics from potential damage

All of our laptop power solutions include a high quality Xantrex or Tekkeon powerpack, a Global Solar Folding Solar Panel and the required adapter(s) and other components to set up your system. We will advise you if any additional adapter is needed for your laptop or other electronics that you are planning to charge.


You can use the same set up to charge any of your other small electronics, such as satellite phones, camera batteries, cel phones, etc.

Other Options For Small Electronics*:
Messenger bags, camera bags, bicycle bags and fishing tackle boxes with integrated solar
If you are looking to power smaller electronics (e.g., cel phone, iPod, GPS unit, aa/aaa batteries, etc.), these solar gear bags may be just the thing you need. Click here for more info.

*Note: These solar gear bags are not suitable for laptop charging has been providing backup power solutions for years.
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