Grid-Tied Solar PV Installation and Project Management
offers complete site assessment & design, project management, installation, monitoring and maintenance services for grid-tied solar PV projects. We specialize in the development of FIT and MicroFIT solar PV projects in the industrial, commercial, institutional (ICI) and government sectors. 

In order to determine the grid-tied solar PV installation best suited to a client’s objectives, budget and property configuration, conducts a detailed assessment and site visit. The options are discussed with the client and a system is designed that maximizes long-term power production and Return on Investment (ROI).

After the client’s acceptance of the proposal, our services comprise:

Project Management

Preparation of all application documents related to the FIT/microFIT program and any other solar PV incentives available at the time.

All FIT/microFIT program liason.

Take out/manage all Permits required for the solar PV installation.


Installation plan, schedule and implementation

Co-ordination of installation team (Master Electrician, installers)

Site supervision and quality control

Ensure safety policies are in place and followed

Co-ordinate inspections with the required authorities

Post-installation System Management - Monitoring and Maintenance
Performance Monitoring Service 
Follow up inspection within 1 month of installation
Telephone support

Annual Inspection and Maintenance Program available

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Note: All prices are in US dollars
Canadian orders are processed in CAN dollars (list price + 20% exchange fee unless otherwise stated).

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