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PowerHub 1800-100 system (includes one 100 amp hour battery)

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Orig. Price: $1,300.00
Sale Price: $1,100.00
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Prod. Code: PH1800 - 100 Ahr system

This price includes one 100 amp-hr battery. If you wish to purchase the Powerhub 1800 as a system with two or four 100 amp-hr batteries,  and/or with solar panels, please click here to view the other options.


The PowerHub 1800 converts power stored in the 100 amp-hr deep cycle battery to 1800 watts of power to operate essential applications. It provides an affordable, high output, primary power solution for off-grid locations, as well as backup power for grid-connected homes/buildings when the power goes out. Setting up this power system is simple and hassle-free with built-in fuses, breakers, and cables. In addition to the option of being charged via an AC wall outlet, the PowerHub 1800 can also be hardwired and installed in such a way that your battery can be charged from a generator, solar panels or a wind turbine. The system also allows for pass-through generator output. The advanced automatic power transfer switching ensures your essential applications keep running in your grid-connected home/building should the power go out.

Product Features:
-Modified sine wave inverter/charger with battery box
- Designed to include a generator as part of the system (if desired); generator power can pass through the unit to the AC outlets, and recharge the batteries
- Integrated transfer switch
- 40-amp three-stage charger
- Four AC outlets with hardwire option
- Two DC inputs for solar and/or wind connections
- Full-feature LED display for system monitoring
- one 100 amp-hr  12v sealed lead acid deep cycle battery

Note: The PowerHub 1800 will accomodate up to 2 batteries if it is decided at a later date that more runtime is desired. However, the batteries must be the same in type as well as age.

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